Beginning August 15th, we will begin deleting old account backups that are stored within cpanel accounts. We will begin the backup purge with backups that are older than 30 days. This includes the tar.gz backups that are possibly stored within your root directory of your account. 

While we make every effort to keep backups of each account in multiple locations, we urge every client to always have their own local backup stored on their own pc. As this is technology, anything can happen at any time. Please, do not ignore the importance of backups. We can't stress this enough.

If you need your old backups that you may have stored within your account, please download them now to prevent loss of that perteicular backup file. Please make sure you have these by August 15th. An additional announcement will be made before we start deleting these old backups.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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