Late Fees Revised

 Sep 11th

USHost247 has revised the late-fee policy on all clients. To help prevent late payments, the late fee has now been increased from $1.99 or 10% to $5.99 or 10%; whichever is greater. USHost247 is always willing to work with clients, so if you have a legitimate reason you will need to pay late, just contact us via support ticket. We are willing to ... Read More » and HeartBleed

 Apr 10th performed updates to the server today and done a full system reboot in order to patch the serious bug that affected the entire internet. Our server is now covered and protected by the HeartBleed bug. Although the server is patched, we URGE everyone to change passwords for everything you log into. Do NOT use same passwords!

Immediate Emergency Server Reboot

 Apr 10th

An immediate server reboot will be performed in 10 minutes to cover patches to our server for a serious OpenSSL bug that has been called "HeartBleed". More information can be found at


 Sep 2nd

Around 6am this morning, there was a defect on Server1 that had caused some downtime. Logs:----------------------PING ( from : 56(84) bytes of data.From Destination Host UnreachableFrom Destination Host UnreachableFrom ... Read More »

Free Package Changes

 Jun 17th

USHost247 no longer charges $0.25 one-time setup fee for the free package! This means you may order the free package and start using the hosting immediately. :) The package still includes 350MB of free space and 10GB of bandwidth. If you like the hosting service that the free account provides, consider upgrading to one of our paid plans! Upgrading ... Read More »

MySQL Data Directory Changing Partition

 Jun 6th

We will be moving our MySQL Data Directory to a different partition on our server. No problems are expected to happen, although we urge everyone to perform backups of their website for safety reasons. The MySQL Data Directory switch is expected to happen within the next 24 hours.

New Wordpress Vulnerability

 Apr 26th

There is a new serious WordPress vulnerability in certain versions of two popular WordPress caching plugins, W3TC and WP Super Cache. The vulnerability allows remote PHP code to be executed locally on a server for anyone running either of the plugins. An attacker could then execute code on the infected server.   CloudFlare has applied ... Read More »

httpd Crashes

 Sep 29th

In the past few days, clients may have noticed that their site was temporarily unreachable. This was due to httpd crashing and having to restart. This was due to httpd being set to 150 MaxClients. We have set MaxClients value to 200 to prevent httpd crashes. We will continue to monitor the server. 

Uptime Percentage: 99.97%

Emergency Server Takedown

 Sep 17th

We will be taking the server down for critical maintenance. Once finished, the server will be back online. Should not take more then 20 minutes. 

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