PHP EOL Versions To Be Disabled

The PHP versions PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 have reached EOL and are no longer receiving updates. USHost247 will be disabling versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 at 12:00:00AM on 12/04/2019.  If you are actively using any of these PHP versions, please switch to a newer version as soon as possible to prevent errors on your website when these versions are disabled. If ... Read More »

3rd Dec 2019
March Database Failure

Good Evening, This type of announcement is not something to be proud of to release. As everyone is well aware, USHost247 experienced a massive impact on services of all accounts on our network. Beginning on March 19, 2019. On March 19th, 2019, we encountered a database failure and account databases were repaired and the server was analysed by ... Read More »

28th Mar 2019
Scheduled Server Maintenance

Scheduled server maintenance beginning at 02:00 AM on 02/21/2019 to perform a forced update on MySQL to correct an issue affecting backups.
Users may experience database errors while we perform necessary steps on our server.  

21st Feb 2019
Scheduled Server Reboot

A scheduled reboot to perform updates on the server is scheduled for 01/08/2018 at 12:00am EST.

7th Jan 2018

Yesterday 03/11/2017, you may have noticed some downtime in the early morning to noon hours. The downtime was not server related. The downtime was a result from a billing issue related to our services with the datacenter. Since then, this issue has been corrected.

12th Mar 2017
Invoice Issues

Recently we have discovered some errors in our invoicing. Invoices were being generated with double charges due to our cron being run twice instead of once a day. We are currently in the process of fixing the invoices that this has created errors in. If your invoice has been generated incorrectly, please contact our billing department as soon as ... Read More »

13th Jan 2017
WHMCS Updated

We have updated to the latest version of WHMCS. If you see any problems, please report them via support ticket.
Thank you!

31st Dec 2016
Old Backup Files

Beginning August 15th, we will begin deleting old account backups that are stored within cpanel accounts. We will begin the backup purge with backups that are older than 30 days. This includes the tar.gz backups that are possibly stored within your root directory of your account. While we make every effort to keep backups of each account in ... Read More »

27th Jul 2016
Server Reboot

Hello everyone,

We will be rebooting the shared hosting servers starting at 0300 EST for system updates. The server reboot should only take about 1-3 minutes to boot back up.

10th May 2016
Affiliate Percentage Change

USHost247's Affiliate Percentage rate will be changing at the end of May 2016. The current rate is set at 15% of each paid invoice of those clients that are referred. The new rate will be lowered to 10%. If you have questions related to the affiliate system, please feel free to open a support ticket!

19th Apr 2016

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